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Thin Thing (Ring Worm)

Thin Thing (Ring Worm)

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Ring worms have long been a fish catching staple. This new twist on a fish catching classic will help you put more fish in the boat. 3.75" in length and a thinner diameter than classic ringworms. Helps when the bite is tough and downsizing is a must for gamefish or upsizing for agressive jumbo perch or crappie. Scented will the only fish attractant on the market made from willowcats. This one is a must have in your arsenal and a do all bait. 

- Walleye, smallmouth, trout, jumbo perch, or slab crappie

- 3.75 inches long

- Scented with liquid willowcat or Liquid Larva, or liquid shad

- 24 per pack