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The choice is clear!  Keeps live bait fresh longer!

Use 1 pack per 1.5 gallons of water per ¼ lbs of bait (there are approximately 200 fatheads per LBS)

-Make less trips to the bait shop by keeping extra bait at home without expensive tanks, filtration, or aeration.

-Made with Industrial grade filtration media.

-Environmentally, pet, and kid safe. Can be worked in garden soil or spread on lawns for disposal.

-Healthy bait catches more fish!

-Removes harmful ammonia, impurities, and chlorine, keeping live bait healthy and lively.

- Keeps live bait healthy longer without daily water changes.

-Reuseable up to 3 times.

- Works on all aquatic freshwater bait, minnows, leeches, crayfish, mayfly larva. (no salt water!)

-Simply take the product out of the package, rinse with tap water for 20 seconds and place it into your bait container. Purchase your bait and fill it with water from the bait shop as you normally would.

-Minnows can last weeks and leeches a whole month without any other care as long temps are constant (garage fridge is best)! In our product video we kept 40 large fathead minnows in 1.5 gallon of water for 7 days with NO water changes and NO aeration.

-If water temps cannot be kept under 50F an aerator must be used.

-This filtration media works similar activated charcoal. However, it “holds” impurities with a negative charge. By soaking the product in salt water after each use it will temporarily reverse the charge purging the minnow waste. This allows for multiple uses.

-When you start to see the water in your bait’s container become cloudy its time to recharge. In a separate container mix a half gallon of water with ¼ cup of table salt. Soak the mesh basket with it’s contents for 15 mins. After the soak. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and it’s ready to use again up to two more times.

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