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Madd Paddler Bulk Pack (24 count)

Madd Paddler Bulk Pack (24 count)

$14.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price

24  PACK!

 This BIG BAIT is a trophy walleye and large gamefish focused swimbait sporting a beefy 4" swimbait profile. This deeply ribbed bait moves a lot of water with it's oversized tail and swims in a erratic wide wobble triggering vicious strikes from big trophy sized gamefish. Proven walleye, bass and pike specific color patterns. Liquid Willow Cat or scent of or your choice  calls them in and make them hang on allowing solid hook sets. Each batch of our Madd Paddler are hand-poured in the USA. Due to the nature in which this product is made you may see some slight variations between the photos and product you receive.

What are the features of the Madd Paddler Minnow?

  • 4" in length
  • 24 - Per Pack
  • Liquid Willow Cat Scent
  • Tournament Quality
  • multi species appeal
  • "loud" thumping tail tiggers gamefish
  • Made by hand in the USA, like it should be.

Warning Prop65:For information go to:

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