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Mini Blade Bait

Mini Blade Bait

$2.99 Regular Price
$1.97Sale Price

2 Inch Mini Blade Bait 

-Panfish sized 1/10 ounce

 -As a first ice aggressive panfish bait it really shines.

-Exellent anywhere panfish are feeding on minnows.

- Try it with one of our soft plastics for extra attraction

-Vibrates when you jig up and flutters back down. Great wounded baitfish type action.

9 fish catching colors

1/10 ounce

one per pack


It's no secret that blade baits can seriously trigger fish into biting Just think what adding a scented plastic as a trailer will do... 




-These are not made by us but we will guarantee the craftsmanship-


Warning Prop65:For information go to:

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